FOX News Drinking Game: July 4th Edition

Has anyone tried to turn watching FOX News the eve before or day of July 4th into a drinking game?

—Every time someone says “America!”, take a shot
—Every time someone says ” THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!”, take a shot.
—Every time someone says “We’re not like any other country in the world!”, take a shot.
—Every time someone gives a sick turn on ” The American Dream” (like, “It doesn’t matter where you start, everyone can get to the top!”, take a shot.

Jesus Christ, I’d be dead.

I’m so angry over the blatant hypocrisy in this ruling, I’m shaking. Aside from logical debates over heads of a corporation making medical ruling, I’d like to add I’d REALLY like to be able to go over these CEOs private and business lines with a fine tooth comb to find EVERY morally questionable decision they’ve made, but it’s far easier to sum up the matter with this lil’ picture I made on the meme generator:

That’s right - a great deal of good Hobby Lobby sells come very cheaply from China, a country that forces birth control, sterilizations, and abortions. They sell these goods to consumers at a drastically increased cost, so they’re profiting off of the very thing they deny their employees based upon a fictitious “moral ground”.

My grammar is probably a bit off in this post. Forgive me, but yes, I AM mad. To compensate, here are two articles that talk about this - one from a secular news source, the other comes straight from a self-professed Born-Again Christian.—Christian-values-Hobby-Lobby-purchases-its-products-from-1-family-planning-nation-China

I am also sorry for any formatting errors. I’m new to Tumblr, and still learning how things work.



A “No, thank YOU!" comic

it’s surprising how despite its short run it managed to encompass a microcosm of how larger fandoms operated? with all its bad and good, flaws and all.

it’s so rushed haha im going to hurl myself into the sun 

goodbyeeeee friends here are my baby feelings over this cartoon 

This describes not only this show, but SO many I’ve fallen in love with. Thank you to this artist for so beautifully putting the story of our stories into art!